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  • Avanti Garage Door Opener S-Series

AVANTI Door Openers. Security. First of all.

Avanti Security adaptive power control system

Certainly the right product

Through our adaptive power control system that automatically reads the forces and evaluates in two selectable modes, even the smallest obstacles are even with very large gates detected and stopped and reversed the system immediately. Of course, the terminal of a Safety Photo Beam barrier is optional.

About us

Certainly fast - contemporary - sustained

Zugkraft und Geschwindigkeit dem Torbewixht entsprechend einstellbar

Tractive power & speed

According to the door weight the tension of the drive up to 1500N (SX20) can be adjusted continuously. Likewise, the running speed is adjustable up to 160 mm/s. So all you need is still one single garage door opener in ypur stock.

Design einfach und funktional, farbenfroge Fernbedienungen

Pleasant design

In accordance to the reduced functional design of our drives, our remotes convince by ergonomics and pleasant coloring.

Lieferkosten sparten durch optimierte Bauweise und Verpackung. Ein Gewinn für die Umwelt

Green delivery - for our environment

Completely packed handy and environmentally friendly, including rail. This allows us to work with very small transport packaging. This saves transport and disposal costs.

Five different types of doors

  • Garagentorantrieb für Sektionaltore
    Sectional door
    rail on ceiling
  • Garagentorantrieb für Sektionaltore Seitenführung
    Sectional door
    rail on side wall
  • Garagentorantrieb für Kipptore Außenführung
    Overhead door
    rail outside
  • Garagentorantrieb für Kipptore Innenführung
    Overhead door
    rail inside
  • Garagentorantrieb für Schwingtore
    Swing door